And how to get rid of it…

Some of the most common calls we receive are for washer door gaskets (also known as boots).  These do tend to get stained and may be come mildewed but there are some things that can be done to stop and/or prevent this from happening in your washer.

  • Use a soft clean cloth soaked in distilled white vinegar to wipe the entire gasket, front, back and in all the folds.
  • Follow up with a dry soft clean cloth to ensure that it is dry and no residue remains.  This should be done on a regular basis.
  • After each use is complete, ensure that the door is not closed all the way. Air needs to circulate inside the machine when not in use to prevent the damp which causes mildew on rubber components.

Your gasket may have some staining on it but the vinegar will kill off the bacteria and your gasket will be clean and ready to go!

If you should find that your gasket is torn or just too stained, let us know.  We can cost a new one for you, order it, remove the old one and install the brand new one for you.